9 diet tips For patients with diabetes and high blood pressure

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9 diet tips For patients with diabetes and high blood pressure

Сообщение Gina » 13 апр 2021, 15:35

Plenty of research shows that 70% of people with diabetes Have high blood pressure as well Eating well can help control your intake. And to help you cope with diabetes and high blood pressure, you can follow this in a joker article.

Diet tips For patients with diabetes and high blood pressure
1. Avoid sodium
People with high blood pressure Doctors recommend consuming less than 1500 milligrams of sodium per day (less than 1 teaspoon). Avoid salt, garlic, ginger, oregano, fennel, or rosemary in your cooking. From restaurant They tend to be higher in sodium than conventional foods, so when you have diabetes symptoms, high blood pressure. Home cooking is a must.

2. Add whole grains to your diet.
Whole grain or whole grains It is a food source rich in fiber and nutrients. This helps to increase blood sugar levels and make you feel full longer. Make sure you get 3 to 5 servings of whole grains per day.

3. Make friends with bananas
Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps manage blood pressure by reducing the effects of sodium. Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure, except those with kidney problems. Should add potassium to the diet.

4. Cut down on alcohol
Alcoholic beverages increase blood sugar levels. Stimulate the appetite Making people consume more

5. Consume more fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibers. Many scientists have proven that fruits and vegetables. Affect blood sugar levels And regulates blood pressure

6.Changing coffee drinking habits
Try to limit your caffeine intake to 200 milligrams per day. Several studies have shown that caffeine can raise blood sugar levels and cause high blood pressure.

7.Be careful with fat
People with diabetes and high blood pressure should avoid trans fats in baked and fried foods. It is also recommended to limit your intake of saturated fat. It is found mostly in fatty meat. Because these fats will increase cholesterol Leading to heart problems Try to consume fat in plant-based foods such as avocados, nuts, olive oil, etc.

8. Consume clean foods rich in protein.
Clean foods rich in protein, such as lean chicken breasts. Can control blood sugar levels Making us full longer And also helps maintain heart health as well

9. Record what you eat
Write down food consumption behavior in a journal. Or smartphone In order to get to know the form of eating That will help control your diabetes and high blood pressure. You will be informed that there are errors in your diet and can correct them in a timely manner.

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Re: 9 diet tips For patients with diabetes and high blood pressure

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