What kind of "back pain" is it?

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What kind of "back pain" is it?

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Back pain that varies May tell that we are suffering from any disease
Regardless of age, gender, there slotxo may be a possibility of "back pain" because back pain can have many causes. And the nature of back pain can tell you what disease you may be at.

Causes of back pain
Dr. Padungcharn Niwatphumin, MD. Center for the nervous system, brain and spinal cord Neurosurgery doctor Phyathai 2 Hospital identifies the factors that cause back pain as follows:

Mattress that is too hard or too soft Inaccurate
Lifting heavy, carrying heavy objects, bending down, lifting things the wrong way.
Office syndrome Sitting for a long time to work Or posture in the wrong movement
Osteoporosis or thinning
Obesity or excess weight As a result, the intervertebral disc and coccyx are more burdened than other points.
What kind of back pain is it?
Back pain immediately after strenuous activity, such as lifting heavy objects
Risk of muscle inflammation Bone or intervertebral discs

Bone pain in the middle of the back
Risk of intervertebral disc problems Or spinal joints

Pain in the back indented to the side
Risk of abnormal back muscles

Pain with numbness - weakness.
Risk of nervous system abnormalities

Aching like an electric shock
Risk of compression nerves

Fatigue back pain
May be caused by muscles

What kind of back pain should I see a doctor?
If there is pain in the torso from working for a long time Or lifting heavy objects Try to observe the symptoms for a while that they disappear or not. Is it better? And refrain from sitting in the same position for a long time Or refrain from lifting heavy objects And may take pain medication or muscle relaxants if 1-2 days have passed and they still do not get better Or the pain is so much unbearable, don't have to wait, can see a doctor at all

Or another case If there is a lot of pain, such as pain in the legs spreading to the neck, shoulder and shoulder Can't lie down This includes having difficulty doing daily activities, having difficulty walking, sitting and standing, you should see a doctor immediately.