Sitting disease

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Sitting disease

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We may already be familiar with Office สล็อต Syndrome. Which is a group of diseases caused by improper work Until affecting overall health But did you know that Besides improper sitting posture, sitting for a long time is also known as Sitting Disease.

Sitting Disease is a medical term used in people who sit for more than 8 hours a day. Without physical activity This was found to have a similar mortality risk to the risk of dying from obesity and smoking. This is the data obtained from an analysis of 13 studies on time spent sitting and level of activity.

Side effects on health

Most of the time, sitting for too long Often the company employees who work at the table for a long time. By barely going anywhere The side effects on health that can occur are as follows.

Increased blood pressure
Elevated blood sugar levels
There is excess fat around the waist
Have abnormal cholesterol levels
With thromboembolism in the vein, f
At risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Risk of heart disease
At risk of colon cancer

In addition, improper sitting posture can also result in the muscles that help to flex the hip (hip flexor), as well as the back of the thigh. And various joints Too tight Causing pain in the lower back And symptoms of stiffness in the knees It also affects walking and body balance. While sitting hanging legs for a long time Also allows the blood to reach the legs Resulting in varicose veins And there was pain following

For the elderly who sit for a long time Does not move the body Often prone to osteoporosis. Slow motion And unable to do normal daily activities

Move your body every 30 minutes.

Sitting Disease is easily prevented. Just move your body more. Do not sit for several hours in a row The recommended formula is that every 30 minutes, change your position by standing up for 8 minutes and walking around for 2 minutes.

You should also try to move your body more and more each day, such as walking up and down stairs instead of using the elevator. Or when talking on the phone, stand and talk instead Including trying to find more time to exercise

Walking can help!

Walking is the easiest exercise. And can be done without any equipment, which the American Heart Association (American Heart Association) recommends that each day we should walk 10,000 steps every day, which has found that scientific studies. Occupations in which the body is physically active by walking more than 2 hours a day. Can help reduce the risk of developing various chronic diseases.