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I have played maple for some time, but still don't know the best way to produce billions of maplestory2 mesos. I've tried elite supervisors, but they're so annoying to discover and to even acquire maplestory2 items. I want more harm in my wind archer, my harm range is 78000-90000 (level 153}. What's so gosh darn costly and I cant fund my characters values crap.

I don't spend less on maplestory2 MS and'm considered underfunded, but get around it. I have friends that give me their"bad scrolled" items that are much better than mine, even when they screwed their scrolling up it. There are some really nice Maple M Mesos players out there which will assist you too. In terms of getting mesos, you may sell boss drops and such. I tend to NPC most stuff due to hating the free market. Just start looking for some people around and speak to them.

You would be suprised that they might help you..or even invite you to their guild. I had same problem as you. The highest equips I had were pensalir. Then someone out of my guild basically gave me bad"CRA" equips. We all I want are the trousers and I got the entire set. In the meantime, I hope fighting GOLLUX also due to his rings and such. I am also doing Commerci boat quests for the sweetwater items. You may think trying for them too.

There was also a poster that made a record awhile back about how to find some great equips. I printed it out and ill try to summerize on here what he submitted:Fight Easy manner magus. He drops nova equips, which are thought of as 2nd best equips in game.Do Crimsonwood questline to start managers Gollux and Commerci up. They both give good equips.fight normal mode zakum. He drops adequate confront accessory/eye accessory.

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